On Site Training

As the world becomes ever more competitive it is important that companies continue to expand. This means taking on more software, more technical platforms and more secure networks. Information Technology is for ever changing. Cloud computing, Bid Data, Business Information Systems and even more cutting edge business solutions need to be implemented, quickly, effectively, efficiently and with as little drama as possible. Project Management is key!

Do you want to know what project management is all about or just want your projects to run more smoothly?   Do you have a number of new project managers that need to be more organised? Do they need to document, plan and communicate far better? Are your teams in disarray? Projects over running and worse still – over budget? You need project management training! Biz Guru Project Management On Site Training Brochure.

Fast Track Project Management: an incredibly detailed, company specific, 5 day training course, that includes supporting course notes, questions and workshops.

This course covers the vital skills of Project Planning, Control, Documentation and Communication. Learn how to plan a project and keep it on track! Control all the changes and problems as well as document them for later reference. Let all your team, users and clients understand what is going on and the successes that you have had.

It also identifies the various project stages, staff and control methods as well as detailing the main project documentation used within a project. Attendees will be given grounding in good project management methods as well as the opportunity to explore and discuss problems or solutions with an experienced project manager.

Fast Track Consultancy: Consultants – what makes a good consultant and what key skills do they need? This one day company specific course aims to provide you with the fundamental skills required to make the leap from provider to informer. At the end of this course you will have the vital skills and confidence to make informative proposals and recommendations. Learn how to gather business information, understand what your client really wants and transfer this into an informed proposal. This course includes very detailed notes for future reference as well as a number of complex questions and workshops to challenge you in your lessons learned.

This course covers the role of the consultant as well as the core skills: Business Requirement gathering, feasibility studies, user requirement specs, proposals, report writing, holding efficient meetings and understanding your client’s needs.

FastTrack Business Analysis. Business Analysts are the lifeblood of a project or consultancy assignment. They ensure that the business and the technical staff are able to understand each other’s requirements and constraints. Want to become skilled at this? You need OnTrack Business Analysis a detailed CD based training course that includes supporting course notes, questions, scenarios and workshops.